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Morrison Engineering has forensic engineering experience with Heating Systems, Appliances, Commercial Equipment, Electrical Wiring, Tank Explosions and Ruptures, Automotive, Structural, Mechanical Failures and more. Check out some of the products we investigate.

We provide engineering services in mechanical and electrical failure analysis, specializing in the cause and origin of fires.

Our Services

Since 1996 Morrison Engineering has provided engineering services in mechanical and electrical failure analysis, and specialized in the cause and origin of fires.... Learn more

Expert Witnesses

court approved Morrison Engineering offers proof and reliability throughout the course of the investigation from scene examination to trial testimony, with properly documented and scientifically supportable... Learn more

Fire Research

loss determination Morrison Engineering’s full laboratory facilities offer the ability to perform customized fire research pertaining to potential fire cause investigations. ... Learn more

Our Facilities

laboratories Morrison Engineering can provide their facilities to conduct joint, destructive or non-destruction testing on evidence and equipment for further analysis of the determination of... Learn more

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Morrison Engineering

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Our Inspectors

All inspectors work under the direction of Registered Professional Engineers